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The Cow-Fanatic Clique

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1. You have to like cows, you don't have to be completly obsesed with them, you just have to think they're kinda cool.

2. You gotta have the code up by the time I get there, so you might want to put it up before you join, cause I don't feel like going... Do you have the code up yet? Do you have the code up yet? Do you have the code up yet? Everyday, I'm sure you understand.

3. You need a site, or a page or a yahoo profile or something you can put the code on or what would be the point. Don't have a yahoo profile or something go to yahoo and get one, they take like 2.5 minutes to set up.

4. We can't link to porn so none of that; If your whole site is about how much you hate something then forget it, this clique is about liking something, not hate.

5. If I have seen some of your web-pages somewhere else and they look just like yours then I'm gonna assumed you copied, so don't do that, its not that hard to make a web-site.

6. Subject your e-mail "I LOVE COWS!!!" To prevent accidental delation, I get a lot of junk mail. This will also tell me that you read the rules.

7. If you subscribe and I don't reply to you then I probally accidently deleted your e-mail, it should be relitivly quickly.